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Wholy Tea

Wholy Tea

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Wholy Tea Ingredients

Ingredients are a special blend of: Persimmon leaves, malva leaves, holy thistle, marshmallow leaves, blessed thistle, green tea and white tea.

Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea was created by Dr. Bill Miller (PhD). The tea offers a blend of herbs that has been used for various health conditions for more than 20 years, according to the website. At the heart of the herbal tea is detoxification. The tea aims to increase daily bowel movements to three movements every day. The result of these increased bowel movements is an efficient movement of waste from the body resulting in clearer skin, increased energy and better health.

There is an official website for Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea providing tea sales, ingredient listings, instructions for use and warnings about the usage of the tea in pregnant and nursing women. The tea is said to contain cathartic herbs. Cathartic herbs are just another way of saying herbs that cause a laxative effect.


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