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Informed Water Bottle

Informed Water Bottle


Informed Water Bottle i91422

i9 informed bottle is energised with internationally awarded Poznik Technology (TP), which returns water to its natural vitality. Water regains natural molecular structure (aliveness), becomes softer and more pleasant to drink. Made from quality glass it is a natural alternative to plastic consumables. i9 Sport informed water bottle was designed with an athlete in mind, hence following sets of information were given special attention: Power, Energy, Force, Endurance, Performing, Vitality, Fitness, Form, Explosiveness, Concentration, Balance, Physical condition, Psychological balance, Tranquillity, Concentration, Winning, Athlete spirit, Nike, Infinity, Unlimited, Cleanliness, Competition, Health, Record breaking, Training, Luck, Fair play, Honour, Nobility, Precision, Technique, Thrust, Backwash, Tactics, Cunningness, Persistence, Focus, Determination, Life, Youth, Determination, Exceed, Acceleration, Speed, Desire, Decision, Greatness, Joy.

i91422 Products, Technology & Awards 

i9 products are informed using Technology Poznik (TP), which has been proven to positively influence the molecular structure of water with the aid of information code. Encoding encompasses strict testing procedures and every finished product is awarded a unique certificate of quality. i91422 informed products come with lifetime warranty on encoding. Positive influence upon water has been confirmed by cytogenetic tests and by Berlin Institute of Electrophotonics. Technology Poznik (TP) is backed by 30 years of research and was developed by a team of world class inventors, who received over 90 international awards and recognitions for their exceptional achievements and inventions.

Berlin Institute of Electrophotonics 

Institute of Electrophotonics in Berlin carried out extensive tests using GDV camera. Tests revealed drinking water from i91422 informed water bottle improves human energetic bio-field by over 11%, as well as lowers stress levels by some 25%, when compared to drinking water from a normal glass.

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