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Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 500g

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 500g

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iatomaceous Earth is a naturally occurring fresh water sediment, (also known as DE, Diatomite, or Kieselgur) composed of microscopic remains (shells) of prehistoric diatoms; the most common form of phytoplankton. It has a soft and smooth texture when crushed and ground to a very fine and off-white powder. Some industrial grades can be harmful to people and pets for handling and consumption, that's why we offer only the highest quality Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. Your safety and satisfaction is our priority.

The most common uses for food grade DE is as an Absorbent and Deodourizing agent to remove water on a micro level, reducing and eliminating unwanted odours, mould, and moisture. Another way to use DE is as a Detox and Cleanse to be added to the diet to help with parasites, removing heavy metals, and even lowering cholesterol, for more information about human consumption see DE for People.

Another popular use is for Pets and Livestock (farm animals). Our DE is safe to add to your pet's diet. Our DE is also suitable for feeding to cattle, goats, pigs, chickens or any other livestock. It's very effective to increase the metabolism, remove unwanted parasites from inside the intestinal tract, improve the shine of fur and strength of hooves, and lastly it keep the feed from moulding and acts as the best anti-caking agent to ensure that your feed doesn't mould and pours with ease.

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