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Flora Flor•Essence® 7-Day Purification Program

Flora Flor•Essence® 7-Day Purification Program

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Your full-body detox

In today's world, high levels of pollutants like heavy metals, hormones, chemicals and food preservatives are increasingly present in our water, air and food sources. The human body's elimination system simply cannot keep up. Over time, these built up toxins can deplete the normal functioning of cells and organs and contribute to a number of serious health concerns.

The Flor•Essence® 7-Day Purification Program offers a comprehensive three-part regime to accelerate the body's natural process of detoxification to remove accumulated toxins and wastes.

While fasting or other cleansing programs can be harsh or inconvenient, the Flor•Essence® 7-Day Purification Program is a safe and gentle whole-body cleanse.

During the 7-Day Program, you do not need to fast. It is important to drink 8 glasses of water a day to help facilitate the removal of waste.

7-Day Program NPN claim

Used in Traditional Herbal Medicine as diuretics, diaphoretics and alternatives to help remove accumulated waste products from the body.

Pro•Essence® NPN 80016240

Pro•Essence® NPN claim

Traditionally used in herbal medicine as a diuretic,and as a urinary tract antiseptic to help relieve benign urinary tract infections

Floralax® II NPN 80004982

Floralax® II NPN claim

  • Used as a bulk forming laxative
  • Helps lower bad (LDL) cholesterol


  • This kit contains the following components:
    • Flor•Essence® (500 ml liquid)
    • Pro•Essence® (30 vegetarian capsules)
    • Floralax® II (200 gram pouch)
  • A suggested menu is provided for you to use during the 7-day cleanse
  • Experience a whole-body cleanse in 7 days
  • No fasting required


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