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Enerex Pure Barely 100g

Enerex Pure Barely 100g

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  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free


Incomparable Superfood

This raw Green Barley Grass juice is a hallmark of super foods. Naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and chlorophyll, this fresh tasting, clean product is very alkaline producing, helping reduce the risk of disease. Boasting compounds found to have cholesterol-lowering, anti-inflammatory, and anti-ulcer properties, it contains over 1000 enzymes required by our bodies for optimal health.

Young Barley Grass shoots are a powerhouse of nutrients. As a nutrient dense ultra-rich green food it is also packed with easily digestible protein an loaded with antioxidants including the potent Superoxide Dismutase (S.O.D) to battle free radicals and aging, and alkaline generating shielding our body from acidic influences of poor diet, stress, toxins. High in chlorophyll, it helps keep our blood robust.

Pure Barley is made from the juice of young shoots so gives a much fresher, cleaner true taste over dried or powdered material and is far superior in nutritional content giving you greater value and countless benefits.


Skip the grain; eat the leaves instead! Enerex Pure Barley provides 3000 mg of 100% certified organic raw Barley Grass juice per serving. The young leaves of barley plants, referred to as “Barley Grass,” provide compact, nutrient-rich food that has powerful anti-inflammatory, and cholesterol- and blood pressure-lowering properties. Barley Grass juice contains over 1000 different enzymes, and is very alkaline, which helps to maintain your body's optimum acid-alkaline balance.

Enerex Pure Barley is gluten-free. It is 3rd party tested to verify less than 20 parts per million of gluten. Gluten is found in barley grain, not its leaves.

Plant power

Barley “grass” refers to the tiny leaves of young plants, which are close cousins of green leafy vegetables. But, ounce per ounce, they offer far greater amounts of nutrients and health-promoting components compared to green vegetables. That is why Barley leaves are known as “supergreens,” and the nutrients are very different than the starchy grain kernel. Supergreen Barley Grass has been studied for cholesterol and blood pressure lowering effects, having anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer properties, stimulating the immune system, and cancer prevention.

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