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Be LeanActive2

Be LeanActive2

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  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free


Why Weight?

Manage to shed those extra pounds with potent herbs that help jumpstart your metabolism. This formula combines 100 percent natural energy- and metabolism-boosting ingredients that work with a healthy eating plan to show noticeable results by working to slowdown and balance the absorption of carbs, reduce the glycemic index of foods, and help you burn that stored energy with its thermogenic effects.

Be Leanactive 2 complements good healthy eating and regular exercise. Its ability to help reduce the absorption of carbs, manage your cravings, and stimulate your body to burn fat gives you the support and boost to a healthy change in weight.

The secret to slimming is that there is no secret. All diets have the same objectives: to get your body to burn extra fat for energy and prevent storage of additional fat. Whether diets try to achieve these by limiting calories or eliminating certain foods, many fail because they are unhealthily restrictive. But you can lose those extra pounds with a common sense approach to meals, regular exercise, and potent herbs that help jumpstart these objectives without deprivation.


If your weight loss has hit a plateau, Enerex’s specialized Be Leanactive 2 formula combines 100 percent natural energy-boosting and metabolism-boosting supplements that work with your healthy eating plan to show noticeable results. Ingredients including a patented Green Coffee Extract, Green Tea, Chromium, Panax Ginseng, Cayenne, Vitamin B6 and Kelp help reduce the glycemic index of foods, block absorption of carbohydrates, and burn calories with their thermogenic effects.

Boost and burn to lose weight. Be Leanactive 2’s food and herbal ingredients help you to lose weight by: 

  • Blocking absorption of simple carbs from foods by using indigestible plant substances that stop the body’s enzymes from breaking down carbs into sugars
  • Offering thermogenic (heat-producing) effects which burn calories and make your metabolism increase to enable the body to produce this heat energy
  • Increasing glucose (blood sugar) metabolism, helping to process sugars found in foods and helping them to be used to produce energy
  • Increasing metabolism
  • Reducing the glycemic index of foods, meaning it lessens their effect on blood-sugar levels and the amount of sugar absorbed into the body


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