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Bell Blood Pressure Formulation Combo

Bell Blood Pressure Formulation Combo

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Size: 700 mg x 60 Capsules

Blood Pressure Formulation Combo

  • Our Blood Pressure Formulation Combo is formulated with health-enhancing herbs and cutting-edge fish peptides.
  • Used in Herbal Medicine to maintain cardiovascular health in adults.
  • Used in Herbal Medicine to help reduce blood lipid levels.
  • Supports the circulatory system.
  • Provides antioxidants.
  • Also used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve the symptoms associated with upper respiratory tract infections.
Bell Blood Pressure Formulation Combo is a natural alternative to help support your cardiovascular health. It unites cutting-edge fish peptides with health-enhancing herbs, backed by centuries of traditional use.
Fish peptides are bioactive food-based proteins believed to perform important physiological functions within the body. Researchers have suggested that among these functions, fish peptides appear to support overall cardiovascular health. 
The combination of fish peptides with beneficial natural herbs for your circulatory system, like passionflower and pomegranate, make the Blood Pressure Formulation Combo a one-of-a-kind formula that offers nutritional support for your overall health and well-being.
Ingredients: Olive extract 5:1 (Olea europaea) (leaf) 167 mg, Celery seed extract 10:1 (Apium graveolens) (seed) 100 mg, Garlic extract 10:1 (Allium sativa) (bulb) 100 mg, Naticol 1000TM Marine Collagen (source of fish peptides) 100 mg, Parsley extract 10:1 (Petroselinum crispum) (leaf) 75 mg, Passionflower extract 10:1 (Passiflora incarnata) (herb) 75 mg, Barberry extract (97% berberine) (berberis vulgaris) (root) 35 mg, Pomegranate extract (40% ellagic acid) (Punica granatum) (fruit) 35 mg.

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